Aralık, Halfeli, Hoşhaber, Melekli, Karakoyunlu, Taşburun (IĞDIR) Group Transmission Line Project

 Location: Iğdır
 Date: – 

Due to the deficiency in the present drinking water system, of The Counties, Aralık, Halfeli, Hoşhaber, Melekli, Karakoyunlu, Taşburun, the project of transmission line and distribution network for the demand for the projection year, 2036 by using the Keklikpınarı, Gürgüre ve Hıdırlı Springs in the easthern part of the City, IĞDIR as the water resource.

General Directorate of Bank of Provinces

General Directorate of Bank of Provinces

It is planned to be supplied totally Q = 750 l/s flow from the Keklikpınarı, Gürgüre and Hıdırlı Springs. Near the catchments constructed in Keklikpınarı, Gürgüre Spring, there is reinforced concrete curtain projected in order to protect the quality of water of the springs by prevent the drainage of the lake and storm water. 
In Keklikpınarı Spring, the spring type catchment is to be applied, on the other hand, for Hıdırlı and Gürgüre Springs, special type catchment projects are designed with drainage collection systems.
It is projected 1100 m-long collection pipes and 1650 m-long drainflex pipes in Hıdırlı Spring, 200 m-long collection pipes and 200 m-long drainflex pipes in Gürgüre Spring in the Project. 
In the Project, the transmission line is composed of pipes with diameters of Ø200, Ø250, Ø300, Ø350, Ø400, Ø600, Ø700, Ø800, Ø1000, Ø1200 mm and the length of 83.6 km made up of steel and asbestos concrete and 10 water reservoirs with the total volume of 25,100 m3. 
In addition, there is steel bridge project used in two different part of the transmission line in order to hang the pipe line where there is a creek cross-pass.

Project Total Population : 275,000 ca
Project Total Flowrate : 750 l/s

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