Location: Avrupa Birliği / European Union
 Date: 2007 – 2009

“Archaeology and Construction Engineering Skills”

The project aims to deepen and broaden professional understandings between two professional sectors of Archaeology and Construction Engineering.

From the point of view of engineers across Europe (and beyond), their clients and developers are not always fully aware that archaeological remains may have to be treated as environmental assets which may lead to them becoming material planning consideration in the spatial planning process. This means that on many projects archaeology is not given due consideration early enough in the feasibility and design phases. The project team is then risking delays to the project with ensuing and unexpected expense incurred in revising plans and missed opportunities to add value to the project by integrating the professional archaeological consideration of the historic environment into the final design. Similarly, archaeologists are also not clear on their role in construction projects, whether they have an advisory role or operational role. The operational role for archaeologists is increasingly well understood, but the potential for them to play an advisory role is not always appreciated, even by archaeologists themselves.

While there are large amounts of standards, guidance and reports available, these are disparate, difficult to access and do not offer an overview aimed at improving Best Practice within the construction and archaeology industries. Therefore, the purpose of the project is to improve understandings and capabilities to allow individuals and organizations in the two sectors to work together efficiently.


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