Location: European Union
 Date: 2008 – 2010

“Soil-free Agricultural Applications to Widely Use in Supporting Sustainable Regional Economic Development by Means of Vocational Education Tools”

The aim of the partnership is to achieve the dissemination of a proven technique for encouraging the target groups to produce high quality products and to develop additional ways of improving their works in harmony with the environment.

The partnership investigates the soil-free agricultural applications in Europe to develop business innovation abilities for the identified target group, disseminate the outcomes to the beneficiaries through producing periodical fliers, leaflets and brochures and attending/ organizing workshops to present the project.

The target sectors for the project are life-science, agricultural practice and training providers. Within these sectors, the target groups are professional agriculture producers, agricultural engineers, students of agriculture and life-science, decision makers, employers and small and medium sized agribusiness enterprises.

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