Location: European Union
 Date: 2005 – 2010

“Bestproduct Through A European Network On Environmental Engineering (Ee) Sciences And Technologies”

The purpose of the product testing, generally known as environmental engineering (EE), was to obtain a good product. Until the end of the century testing evolved mainly in order to produce a better product and only characteristics directly linked to the technical and economical aspects of the product were examined. Nowadays it is the objective of EE to help the designer and the manufacturer in producing the ‘BEST’ product taking into account all aspects ‘from cradle to grave’ related to it and its production process, not only technical, economical and financial, but also human aspects (health and safety, etc.) and ecological aspects (waste, energy, recycling, sustainability).
Today, EE experts are working on the interaction between a product and its environment, focusing on the effects of environmental influences during the entire life-cycle of a product, its components and its materials, with special emphasis on their functional behaviour, quality, service life, reliability and safety affected by e.g. stress, fatigue, ageing, wear, corrosion, degradation, deterioration and failure, and the related disappointment of customers. This includes adverse effects on the quality of the environment such as the related pollution emissions, the unnecessary production of waste, the usability of recovered materials and products, and the sustainable use of resources and energy. A product that provides an optimised harmony with its environment, serves market needs as well as ecological requirements.
The European BESTPRODUCT-TENEEST network is looking towards the long-term integration of experts and is mainly based on: organizational solutions, communication pathways, joined research activities, and implementation strategies.

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