Location: European Union
 Date: 2009 – 2011

“Competence-based training for VET professionals in clean environment”

The main problem tackled by the project is the need for enhancement the quality of education and professional development of VET teachers/trainers. Its main aim is to improve the quality of their competence and skills, to establish the links between theory and practice and to apply the learner-centered approach. The COMBAT project proposes a competence-based e-learning system. Its specific aims are focused on: transferring the innovative WASTE-TRAIN learning program in the field of waste recycling/reuse; build up of structured model in respect to EQF reference levels 5,6,7; selection of mix of learning methods and specific content and set up of multilanguage e-platform. The innovative training of COMBAT offers the following results: delivery of system for structural description of work-related competences; design of COMBAT competence portfolio; building of web portal with multilingual operational capacity; introduction of new educational support services: planning of project testing; evaluation and effective valorization. The impact is grounded on the development of flexible basis for continuing education with quality enhancement in respect to the national VET requirements. Thus the COMBAT project will contribute for the partners’ national VET system development in compliance to the EU standards.

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