Location: Avrupa Birliği / European Union

Date: 2011 – 2013

“Vocational Qualification Transfer System in Ecology”

The rationale behind the project is rooted in the existing problem for lack of transparency of qualifications and appropriate measures for its assurance at National or International level. Tackling the increased complexity of modern education, training and learning systems, the project contributes to the promotion of the European Workspace concept through transparency of certificates, diplomas and qualifications; transferability of competencies; accreditation and recognition.
The main aim of the project is to transfer a relevant and innovative systemic procedure for assurance of international shift of vocational qualifications based on European Qualifications Framework principles and create a broad multi-lingual e-platform for EU target audience.
Its objectives comprise: transfer and further elaboration of methods and procedures for development of ECO-MATRIX Model Competence Matrix; build up of Organizational or Individual Competence Profiles; approbation of ECO-MATRIX model and implementation in mobility; establishment of a partnership with sectoral organizations for embedding the new model at National or European level; valorisation of ECO-MATRIX model.

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