Location: Avrupa Birliği / European Union
Date: 2010 – 2012

“Future-proof Construction SMEs. For a new generation of Safety, Sustainability and Human Resources-oriented Project Managers”

The strategy is divided into 3 main parts each addressing an overall key objective:
1.Enhance the development of human capital in the EU construction sector
2. Improve health and safety conditions
3.Improve “future-proof” skills strategies.

The increasing transfer of risk and responsibility to the on-site production and the growing use of subcontracting in the construction sector make site project managers more and more responsible. This project aims at creating a new professional figure for the construction sector: the Site Manager for Future-Proof SMEs (SMFPS).

The steps:
– Designing and implementation of specific initiatives that stimulate SMEs’ incentives to invest in training
– Development of a new model of training provision within an overall lifelong learning strategy for the construction sector
– Set-up of the EU curricula of the new professional figure of the SMFPS
– Development of the Info-Formative Toolkit for the new SMFPS
– Designing of operative tools, such Formative Mobile Games, enabling SMFPS to operate on site
– Training of a number of SMFPS varying from 350 to 500
– Set up of an European Peer-Development Network for SMFPS

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