Location: Avrupa Birliği / Euroepan Union
 Date: 2007 – 2009

“Planning and Implementing a Non-Revenue Water Reduction Strategy Improves the Performance of Water Supply and Distribution Systems”

“Non Revenue Water” is the difference between the volume of water put into a system and the volume of water paid by the customers. The PROWAT Pilot Project aims at reducing non-revenue water losses. Its main goal is to develop specific training modules & a software tool to reduce the loss of drinking water & provide technical assistance to Water Authorities.
The subject of PROWAT is the new methods & techniques of the water management system, the methods to prevent leakage of water, the strategy to reduce the nonrevenue water losses, and the application of new systems in the design of drinking water network & distribution systems. There is a big gap of knowledge & training modules in this field; this gap is to be filled by the PROWAT Project. The project will facilitate applying & transferring the new methods & techniques related to the Water-World to the users, and, at the same time, decreasing the ratio of water loss.
The project tools are developed for engineers, technicians working in SMEs and Public/Governmental Organisations and Municipalities, Water Institutions & Associations and trainers in Universities, Training Institutions & VET Organisations.

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