Location: European Union
Date: 2011 – 2013

“Preventing Accidents in Construction – Health and Safety Multimedia Animated Learning”

The project aims to prepare animations that show construction accidents. These animations can be used in health and safety trainings in construction industries to minimize accidents causing death and major injuries. The construction industry has a high accident rate in Turkey and other European countries. Minimizing construction accidents is therefore highly important for this industry.
Previous studies related with safety in construction have showed that the success level of theoretical health and safety trainings is low due to theoretical information given in the trainings. One of the main reasons of this ineffectiveness is the low education level of construction workers. Learning the health and safety concepts with theoretical trainings are quite difficult for these low educated workers. This project can overcome this problem by facilitating health and safety trainings using animations. The main objective of this project is to improve health and safety trainings in construction by using these animations.
The target group will be the construction workers, engineers, technicians and potential users will be the wholes. The products of our project will significantly improve health and safety trainings and have the potential to minimize construction accidents. Construction accidents has to be minimized urgently by all countries in Europe. So great impact is expected with this project as there are no similar tools in this subject.

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