Location: European Union
 Date: 2009 – 2011

“Trans European Promotion of Private Public Partnership Project”

The main goal of the project is preparation of relevant tutors and creation of relevant courses (methodology and didactic materials) facilitating the Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects in Partners countries, as well as creation of the PPP project website.
There is a need for clear and understandable procedures in Partners countries and exchange of information in the area of PPP contracts for facilitation of engineers and construction companies mobility across Europe. Project will create comparison and description of such procedures, together with set of case studies from successful and unsuccessful projects.
Project is directed to:
– construction sector and local authorities,
– contractors in PPP projects
– financial institutions,
– governmental agencies – projects supervisors.
The project is important because of:
– preparation of the group of tutors and trainers in Partners countries for running the PPP courses for construction companies, local authorities, banks, lawyers, etc. for improvement of their performance in the projects
– preparation of relevant courses and course materials,
– need of recognitions of PPP procedures between partners countries.

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