Kürtün Köyiçi Pond and Irrigation Project

Project Location : Gümüşhane

 Date: 2017



22th Regional Directorate of State Hydraulic Works


General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works


In the project, the technical and economic aspects of all the facilities in the project (body, tunnel conduit, spillway, irrigation network, etc.), hydrology, agricultural economy and expropriation studies, resolution of the drainage problem of the areas with drainage deficiencies, irrigation of the irrigable part of the irrigated land, It is aimed to propose the construction of a technical report at the technical level.

The project area is located in the Köyiçi Village of the Kürtün town of Gümüşhane in the south of the Black Sea region. The project site is located at 1/25 000 scale G42-D2 TRABZON  die plate.

The land survey of the area which is planned to be done on the Gön Stream and which is thought to be watered by Kürtün – Köyiçi Pond has been made and 150 ha soil source has been determined as irrigable. Based on the planning studies, it was determined that Gön Stream’s water potential could be watered up to a maximum gross 114 ha net 100 hectare area from the Köyiçi Pond when the operational pressure to be formed in the minimum water elevation and the existing projects in the vicinity were taken into consideration.

 It is aimed to irrigate about 75 hectares of land belonging to Melikli, Yukarıuluköy and Ortaköy districts of Gümüşhane province Kürtün County with Köyiçi Pond.