Project Finance Management

It is anticipated that maximum efficiency will be achieved for every pro- cess for implementing innovations that will disrupt traditional economic practices and fast-paced changes in the infrastructure sector, as economically and financially viable. Many management items such as budgeting target costs for increasing project efficiency, monitoring and improving these costs during the project, evaluating project finance as process and stage and optimizing resources and activity processes are successfully implemented both in ERBIL‘s own work and in the direction of customer requests. ERBIL gives the necessary planning and management with the expert staff in order to ensure that the project is completed with optimum financial resources, taking into consideration the necessary quality criteria. Financial management, which is originally prepared for each project, defines the phases of the project independently of the size, scope and complexity of the project, including the methods and responsibilities to be used in these phases.

Some of the services offered in project finance management are:

– Economic and Financial Analysis
– Preparation of Tender Documents
– Price Forecast
– Preparing Technical Specifications