Project Management

ERBIL serves the effective and innovative project management services including analyzing, planning, implementing, evaluating and reporting in national or international re- and proactive projects of its activity area. The project development groups consist of highly educated and experienced professionals determine the purpose, the target, the origin of the projects in all dimensions which are significant for the project management. Project managers offer feasible, alternative engineering solutions and develop innovative and sustainable sub-targets by being in contact to project groups from different disciplines, the target groups and the partners that are also leaders in their activity fields.
The project groups intersecting the clients and the expectations for the results of the infrastructure projects running in the frame of commercial reliability and quality description pay attention to complete the projects on time while creating special strategies and methodologies. The risk analyses are performed regularly against unpredictable results in order to protect the structure of the project by controlling the variable parameters in the structure. The evaluation and matrix application controlling the effectiveness in the project implementation period by visualizing the project management help the project running stable and effectively which has limits in time, finance and resource. ERBIL with the innovative technical services gives the opportunity to its clients to perform feasible and sustainable projects

The services in project management;

– Construction Supervision
– Feasibility Studies
– Reconnaissance Survey Studies